January 24, 2016

Book Launch: A Goodness I Cannot Explain by Cathy Steward today from 3 – 5p.m. at the Welcome Inn Community Centre, 40 Wood St East, Hamilton. Cathy is a colleague and friend of Rev. Diane whose journey through treatment for a brain tumor made real for her the faith she had preached for years.

Messy Church will happen on Wednesday, January 27 from 5 to 7 p.m. You are welcome to come and help or to invite families you know to try it out.

Cotton Patch Gospel, January 26-30 at Redeemer University College in Ancaster. Tickets at Redeemer.ca/cotton-patch. Theatre only and lunch or dinner packages available, starting at $16. Pancake Supper put on by the Cubs and Scouts on Tuesday, February 9 at Carlisle.

Check out our new church website at kilbrideunited.com and our Facebook page (search ‘Kilbride United Church’) – please give your comments to Larry Allin at larryallin1@gmail.com.

The Annual Meeting is on Sunday February 7 at noon, potluck lunch followed by the meeting. Please submit your annual report material to Larry at larryallin1@gmail.com by February 1.chicken

Larry is looking for egg cartons! If you have any, please let him know (larryallin1@gmail.com/905.876.4285) or bring them to church!