September 4, 2016

Our thanks to Rev. Dora Sadler, our worship leader in August & September 4.

Worship resumes next week in Kilbride at 9:30am and in Carlisle at 11:00am. Rev Lorna MacQueen is worship leader.

Congratulations to father Marco at Hutchins Farm for the safe arrival of his baby daughter Atsiry on Wednesday August 31. Grandfather Raphael is also at the farm.

You are invited to get involved with our “Farewell for the Season” party for our local migrant workers on Saturday September 24. Our guests arrive after 5:30pm. We welcome your help after 4:00pm. We are in need of items for our free store… men, women, children’s clothing ,jewelry (no earrings, please)  suitcases and backpacks. We will have a special candle lighting ceremony with prayers for Jesus and Andres and their families and for all our friends and their families from away. Want to get involved , call Sharon Banks… 905.689.8638