Your Search team is beginning the process of calling a Minister to the Carlisle/Kilbride Pastoral charge. Your committee members are Jean Shaw from Kilbride; Bob Moulder, Mary Gilbert, Sheila Garrett from Carlisle and Brenna Baker is Liaison of Horseshoe Falls Regional Council.
Although much of the work of the committee is confidential, we will regularly share non-confidential progress updates.

We ask for your prayers for this team as they begin this journey together on behalf of the pastoral charge.

In light of this, we are asking all of our church family to help spread the word of the current position. If you know someone (friend or neighbour) that may be interested or can help us with our search, please feel free to pass on the advertisement as stated on our church websites.

Job Posting: Full-Time Ordered Minister (Carlisle/Kilbride United)