I invite you to take a few minutes in the next couple of days to create a space for worship. God is always present with us, yet we all have places and things that remind us more clearly of the sacred. You are welcome to do this any way you wish, but here is one possibility:

First, think about where in your home you feel most aware of the sacred. Does the warmth of the kitchen connect you to God’s Table? Does a view of a garden, or a place you can hear birds remind you of the divine in creation? Does a corner of your bedroom bring you a feeling of peace?

If you will be using your desktop for connection to the YouTube links your location is already decided, however you can still think about how to create a worshipful space; bringing in an item that connects you to the divine – a teapot, a flower, a knit blanket, or anything else that reminds you of your favourite place at home.

Next, set up your worship space. Choose a few simple items and clear everything else away, so that it doesn’t intrude on your time of worship. Choose anything that feels right to you – you might consider some or all of these:

  • a comfortable place to sit
  • a candle and matches
  • a picture or pictures that connect you to the sacred (such as stained glass, nature, people you care about, or something else meaningful to you)
  • if you like reflecting through writing or drawing, you may want to add a journal or notepad and pen or some of your artwork
  • if you like to read scripture from your Bible, or if you have hymn books at home, you might add these too

If you are unable to designate a space on a “semi-permanent basis”, perhaps consider creating “worship in a box” or basket… or designate a shelf/space where all the items can be housed in between worship sessions.