I am more than overjoyed to be able to send you the following update from our Carlisle/Kilbride Ministry and Personnel Committee (Sharon Banks represents Kilbride) regarding Pastor Sue Cowan’s renewed appointment.

Feel free to call or email Maureen Trenkler mtrenkler@cogeco.ca or Sharon Banks kgb9@sympatico.ca if you wish to discuss this or just to chat.

Maureen Trenkler on behalf of the Kilbride United Church Board

Dear flock of Carlisle and Kilbride,

“THE BUILDING IS CLOSED BUT THE CHURCH IS OPEN”. This has become our mantra lately and we want to assure you that despite the alien, eerie place our world has become due to this pandemic, your M&P committee together with key persons on the Joint Board and Pastor Sue continue to work together to support our staff, to keep current on directives from all governing bodies and to remain connected and engaged with all of you.

We now would like to share some welcome news with you that we feel sure will be a cause of much joy. In order to see us through the pandemic, Pastor Sue has magnanimously agreed to a renewal of her appointment until September 2020. Since the notice period is reduced to 30 days instead of the usual 90, this means that the supply and permanent search teams will need to continue their work, but there is now less urgency.

We are indebted to Sue for giving us this precious gift of time and for her deeply stirring transcribed worship services which will keep us spiritually connected this Holy Week and on the coming Easter Sunday when not being together with family and fellow worshippers will be felt most poignantly.

We trust this news will ease any anxiety you may be feeling about the continuity of our spiritual leadership. Please feel free to call or email any of us should you wish to discuss this further or just to chat.

Our wish for all of you and your dear ones is that you be preserved in good health of body and spirit through these challenging times.

“The Lord will protect you from all danger, he will keep you safe”.

Psalms 125

Ministry and Personnel Committee
Carlise United Church: Mark Stanski, Catherine Swatten, Bob Moulder
Kilbride Untied Church: Sharon Banks