Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Week 5 — and just when I am starting to drag, I receive the latest update from the ‘Sewing Sisters’ and my heart soars again! Thanks to the generosity and coordinated efforts of many, many, many people God’s love is being shown and shared with neighbours, strangers, family, friends! 300 face masks, 70 surgical gowns, 20+ scrub caps… are making a difference! YOU are making a difference!

The Food Bank is holding a special Food Drive in the Carlisle Church parking lot on Saturday morning (Apr 18) from 9 to 11. Arrangements have been made with Jim Leaman to provide a pair of face masks to everyone who drives in with a food donation. The clean masks will be wrapped in a twist of parchment paper to keep them untouched and each pair will have a tag indicating that they are a ‘Thank You’ from Carlisle United Church for supporting the Food Bank! Another way you are making a difference!

Pots and pans are being banged nightly… a great way to get out… make some noise… relieve some stress… and to express continued gratitude for the tireless efforts of front-line hospital, emergency services, truck drivers, pharmacists, grocery & drug stores and sooooo many others who are keeping our communities as healthy, safe, fed, and well as they can! Each time you bang a pot, you are making a difference!

Yes, resurrection hope comes in many guises! In loving actions and caring people! In prayers offered and virtual suppers shared! In mastering Zoom technology… delighting when we see one another albeit at a distance… in the gift of laughter experienced as we watch one of the many creative COVID-19 parodies… the gift of connection and beauty experienced through the offering of a virtual choir, an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, a Josh Groban shower song and more… each time you call, connect, Zoom, Skype, Facetime, drop off a worship service bulletin, sermon, etc. you are shining light… sharing hope… living God’s story that says again and again… Love wins!

Thank you all, for inspiring me… and one another with your faithfulness, commitment and care! Keep it up!
Because the lock-down has been extended… at least until May 12th! (latest State of Emergency date set by the Province of Ontario)

Until then… until we meet face-to-face and can celebrate Easter 2 together, remember… the tomb IS empty!
He is NOT there! He IS here… in you… with you! Thanks be to God!

Stay well!

Sue Cowan
Supply Minister
Carlisle-Kilbride United Churches

Looking for the latest info regarding COVID-19 from The United Church of Canada?

From the National Church or

From our Horseshoe Falls Regional Council

Worship Offerings/Opportunities

Please find bulletins and full worship services for Sunday April 19th for your engagement. There is also an adapted last Sunday’s “Children’s bulletin” because many adults like to do word search puzzles, simple crosswords, etc. and might be running out of material at home! Hope you enjoy “For the Child in All of Us”!

I also draw you to the many worship experiences being offered live-stream or pre-recorded through various churches! There is a wide range of times… contexts… worship styles to choose from!

This week’s prayer for the journey… from the World Council of Churches

God of life,
you have promised to be with us every day,
also in difficult days, like in times like these.
Give us
clarity in our minds,
strength in our work and discernment,
rest as we sleep,
peace in our minds.
Be with all
who need help
more than we do ourselves
help us to see what we can offer
from your love.

In the name of the Risen One we pray.

World Council of Churches