Note: Read the June 27, 2020 updated information here.

To Kilbride United Church members and adherents:

We prayerfully request your attendance at a Joint Congregational Meeting on Sunday, June 28 at 12:00 noon in the Carlisle United Church Parking Lot. The purpose of the meeting is to receive and vote on a recommendation from the joint search committee.

Out of a continued abundance of caution, and in consideration for everyone’s well-being, this will be a “drive-in” meeting under the Province of Ontario’s regulations which request the following:

  • As you enter the parking lot, please follow the parking attendants’ directions on where to park
  • Please keep all windows and doors closed for the duration of the meeting (no exiting cars, no socializing, no ‘passing of notes’ etc.)
  • Please exit the parking lot as instructed by the parking attendants when the meeting is over

The meeting will be broadcast over your car radio at a frequency specified when you arrive.

In addition, we would like each attendee to please:

  • Bring a blank piece of white letter-sized paper, or larger to indicate your vote. These will be held up to the front windshield at the time of voting.
  • Bring your cell phone(s) in order to ask questions. The following numbers will be used to pose/answer questions, hear discussion points as a group:
    • 905-570-2124
    • 289-527-0712

We regret that we cannot accept sealed ballot voting for this meeting due to the current restrictions.

Please mark this important meeting on your calendars. We look forward to welcoming you in this format during these times as we move forward as a joint pastoral charge.

Please respond to if you plan to attend the meeting.

Maureen Trenkler on behalf of the Kilbride United Church Search Committee