The November 8, 2020 Remembrance Day Worship Service is available to download:

At Kilbride we will have the Remembrance Day Wreath in the parking lot. We will read the Honour Roll and play a recording of The Last Post. Thank you to Allison who typed all the Honour Roll names from our plaque for inclusion in the Worship Resources.

Have a great day, if you are available to attend, we will see you tomorrow in the parking lot at 10:00 a.m.

Kilbride Honour Roll

Brown, David
Brown, George
Brown, J.B.
Chilcott, W.
Coulson, Vernon
Deforest, Chester
Deforest, Clarence
Dbine, Alfred
Dbine, Francis
Dbine, Wilfred
Ford, Stanley
Gorter, Ralph
Gorter, Siebe (Slim)
Gumby, Carmen
Gumby, William
Harris, Osborne
Lillycrop, Ralph
Marcy, Harold
McNiven, Alex
Miller, Cameron
Miller, Harvey
Pegg, Leonard
Robertson, Ivan
Robertson, Orlie
Snow, Harold
Twiss, J.E. (Mac)
Bullard, Kenneth
Hamilton, Murray
Peer, Hugh
Harris, Charles
Coulson, Harvey