The worship service for Sunday March 14, 2021 is available for download:

The closing hymn was created and performed by Carlisle United’s Music Director, Heather Olaveson. Heather created the song, played the piano, sang all harmony parts and merged the recordings into a beautiful blessing song for our Lenten Service.

If you come to the parking lot gathering tomorrow morning March 14th at 10:00 a.m. please remind Maureen to take a picture of our prayer circle for the next Carlisle United Church Newsletter!

Information about upcoming fundraisers is available at the following link:

Service Videos & Links

Lighting the Christ Candle and Acknowledgement of the Land (Read by Marie Ireland)
Scripture Reading ~ Numbers 21: 4-9 (read by Donna Bartliff)
Prayers of the People (read by Sharon Banks)
Blessing Song ~ Love Us Into Fullness (created and performed by Heather Olaveson)