The worship service for Sunday March 14, 2021 is available for download:

Maureen especially likes the Young at Heart reading “Mama, Do You Love Me?”

An article about the History of migrant workers’ outreach at Carlisle/Kilbride United Churches has been published on the Kairos – Faithful Action For Justice website.

Rev. Allison will be taping portions of the Palm Sunday Service in the Kilbride United Church Sanctuary on Tuesday March 23. It will be special to have our sanctuary as the backdrop to such an important celebration in the Lenten Journey. Even though our sanctuary is closed for services, we would like to welcome you to reach out to Maureen if you would like to gain comfort from sitting in a pew in the sanctuary. Maureen will book you a time and make sure that the area is sanitized and that there won’t be others in the building at the same time.

Service Videos & Links

Lighting the Christ Candle and Acknowledgement of the Land (read by Joan Eagle)
Scripture Reading ~ John 12: 20-26 (read by Drew Mudge)
Prayers of the People (read by Muriel Lambert)
Blessing Song ~ Love Us Into Fullness (created and performed by Heather Olaveson)