The worship resources for Sunday August 8, 2021 are available for download:

Kilbride United Church is hosting the joint Carlisle/Kilbride Services in August at 10:00 a.m. The Logistics Committee have approved the COVID safety plan to hold the service outside on the back lawn. Please bring a lawn chair to the service. If you forget we will have sanitized chairs available for you. The current weather forecast indicates no rain Sunday morning. Hurray!!!!

We have an update from Debbie Serneels. Debbie sends her thank you for continued prayers. As of last Friday Tim (the warrior) is now on day 7 of his 100 day journey. After the stem cell transplant Tim spiked a fever for 3 days attributed to Cytokines Release Syndrome (a syndrome that may occur after immunotherapy treatment). The care he is receiving at Juravinski is wonderful. Tim is working hard to make sure that he is contributing positively to his own recovery and Debbie reports it shows. He is up early at 7, walks for an hour around the positive pressure ward (keeps the patients safe from infection), showers, breakfast and a nap.

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