The worship service for Sunday August 22, 2021 is available for download:

We don’t want to jinx it… but our first two outdoor services were held on beautiful weather days. The tree on the back lawn provides shade from the hot sun but the fellowship is warm. Please spread the word that all are invited to our casual summer services on the lawn.

Serneels Family Update

Debbie sends this update with the words, “Thanks be to God for our wonderful support system… all of you.”

Here is a summary we have made from Debbie’s update:

Well the day we’ve been waiting for has arrived! The man of the hour, Tim is coming home. From the details Debbie has provided the journey has not been easy with a bronchoscopy on Monday and some tough times with a horrible headache the previous week. The chief hematologist declared on Friday that they were kicking him out. She was happy with his oxygen saturation levels and the meds he was on intravenously for the fungal lung infection. Appointments will continue at the hospital to check blood and organ function levels. He will visit Oncology Day Services 3 times a week to start and then will be reduced to 2 times per week and then once per week. From Debbie’s description it has been a whirlwind of tests, rules to protect Tim (no gardening, no new plants in the house, no crowded places, no contact with other people’s pets, no direct sunlight and generally a clean house). What a wonderful picture Debbie provided! Regardless of the masks we can feel their smiles.

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