The worship service for Sunday September 5, 2021 is available for download:

The online links are below. We just listened to the postlude, Just a Little Talk with Jesus. If you are a fan of barbershop harmonies you will like this quartet’s rendition… the bass singer is fabulous.

The plan (with the cooperation of the weather) is to hold the worship service on the lawn at Kilbride United Church at 10:00 a.m. If we do get rain please bring your umbrella and/or raincoat and we will have a prayer and fellowship in the parking lot or on the lawn.


  • Next Sunday, September 12, will be a joint outdoor service in Carlisle at 10:00 am. The service will be the annual Blessing of the Animals, so please bring your furry friends and your lawn chairs.
  • Tickets for the Drive Thru Chicken Dinner (Saturday September 18) are selling fast. Please order early to avoid disappointment. You can order online at or call for assistance: Joan at 905-802-0707 or Cathy at 289-527-0712.
  • Debbie Serneels provided an update on Wednesday September 2. Here is a summary of Debbie’s update:
    Tim has been home recuperating for 2 weeks now. Debbie has been busy administering Tim’s 15 different meds. Some are with food, some with water, some on an empty stomach, some 1 hour before food or 2 hours after, some once a day and some twice, some only Monday, Wednesday and Friday. WOW! Tim’s white blood cells and neutrophils have climbed steadily since the transplant and the medical staff are happy with the readings. Tim reports that other than feeling run over by a steam roller, he’s doing well. Tim’s recovery is at day 35 with November 7th (day 100) the target to be released from his outpatient appointments at Juravinski. Debbie and Tim want everyone to know that they appreciate the cards, calls and texts they have received. Please know that if they do not respond immediately, it is not personal and they will touch base eventually.

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