Attached are the worship resources for Sunday October 3, 2021. The online links are below.

This week we will be celebrating World Wide Communion. We will be worshipping in the sanctuary with the same local and provincial protocols we have had for the last two weeks. If you have already shown your vaccination status it has been recorded. Please bring your vaccination status if you are attending for the first time.


Tim and Debbie’s Dog

Tim and Debbie Serneels Update from September 30, 2021. Debbie provided the following update (with Maureen’s edits) to Sharon Banks our Prayer Group Representative:

  • Tim came home 2 weeks ago and I can’t believe the change. He says he feels about 60% back to normal. Whatever normal is…..his appetite is back, he walks the whole Courtcliffe Park, has been getting the RV winterized. It is wonderful to see Tim’s ability to participate in activity when we thought he would be in bed still. Tim is going to Juravinski Tuesdays and Fridays for his outpatient follow up each week until the 5th of November at which time he will be at day +99. Nov 6 is day +100 when the hospital deems that the most dangerous time is past. He will continue with appointments at the hospital but probably only once a week. A test was completed a couple of weeks ago, called a Chimerism test. This determines how many blood cells are donor cells. WELL, he got the results of that test on Friday and he is 100% donor cells!!! That means that his blood DNA is the same as Jeff’s. This is great news, however we remain cautiously optimistic as they can fluctuate and therefore they have done another Chimerism test to confirm. We will have the results within the month. Medicine is awe inspiring as are these great minds that discover and implement these procedures.

    We have so many things to be thankful for that I could go on forever. As we approach the Thanksgiving weekend we wish you all things to be thankful for also. Take time to appreciate the world around us, it really is spectacular.

Passing of Rev. Peter Hoyle:

  • It breaks our hearts to announce the passing of Rev. Pete last Monday September 27, 2021. Rev. Pete Hoyle was the minister at Appleby United Church from September 1996 – January 2005 where Maureen worshipped for 25 years. Our Rev. Allison was a candidate for ministry during Pete’s ministry at Appleby United. Pete’s passing was unexpected and is a great loss to all those who knew him. Allison and her husband Larry were lucky to have spent a week at Pete and his wife Cathyann’s home in Elliot Lake last July. Recently Allison commented to me how much of a mentor Pete and Cathyann had been to her. Allison’s husband Larry sums up so much of what I feel and want to share about Pete “He was full of endless curiosity. Full of energy, he was always doing something, even when that something was sitting in a lawn chair talking about life. When Allison and I were married, Pete walked down the aisle with Allison. Pete saw each person without judgment, but that certainly does not mean that he was without opinion, packaged in experience, wisdom, and, always, compassion. Pete’s great gift was to honour, validate, support, encourage, and challenge people, enabling them to discern what they could do to become the best people they could be.”

    In addition to the significant grief experienced by our Rev. Allison and family, please hold Cathyann, Laurice, her husband Addison and their 2 children, Gigi and Eddie, Dan and Julie, their daughter Kayleigh, Ian and his wife, Karen and her husband, and Lucas, in your prayers.

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