The worship resources for Sunday January 16, 2022 are available to download. The online links are below. Order of Service prepared by Rev. Allison Playfair, music selected by Heather Olaveson.

The sun is beautiful but it sure is cold out there. Maureen is in the habit of hanging out her laundry and today is no exception. She knows the sheets will go from frozen to almost dry in a few hours (remember the term sublimation from science class).

Maureen will ring the bell at Kilbride Church Sunday at 9:30 a.m., and please join the zoom service at 10:00 am. The zoom services are remarkably personal and last week we had a great opportunity to share in the children’s time.

Zoom Recording

News & Announcements

  • Erika F. from Carlisle United Church asked to find out if anyone in Kilbride would be in need of a single mattress and headboard/bookshelf that was in a top bunkbed and hardly used. It is free and can be picked up in Carlisle.