The worship resources for Easter Sunday April 17, 2022 are available to download. The online links are below. Order of Service prepared by Rev. Allison Playfair, music selected by Heather Olaveson.

Thank you to Rev. Allison and Heather for the beautiful Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Services. During the Maundy Thursday service, Heather played the music and Allison read the words to When You Prayed Beneath the Trees (words by Christopher Idle, music by Lloyd Larson). It was a very moving act of worship. The sun was shining on the red stained glass windows that made a reflection of red crosses, without the horizontal cross beam, on the front of the sanctuary wall. You will need to look carefully in the picture to see the red horizontal crosses reflected behind Rev. Allison and on the left wall.

News & Announcements

  • Thank you to Bob Dixon and John Dixon for the spring clean up of the yard and parking lot.
  • Thank you to all who have sent well wishes and prayers for Maureen’s mom Dorothy who was confirmed to have COVID last April 8. Dorothy will be out of isolation on Monday and has been well taken care of by staff at CAMA LTC. She has said the isolation has been the worst part of the ordeal.
  • April 24, April 30, May 1: The Holy Land: Palestine & Israel at 2 pm at Carlisle United– Rev. Allison and Larry Harder share their experiences and insights. Each session has new content.
  • May 7: Carlisle Chicken Dinner – Stay tuned for details!