Dear Ones,

I am writing this Christmas Eve morning in anticipation of tomorrow.  I pray you and your family are safe on this blessed day.  I pray for all whose plans have been interrupted or are stranded in a place not of their choosing.  May they pause a moment and remember that our Lord was born to Mary and Joseph far from home, in a place that was definitely not of their choosing – with shepherds and angels to herald the birth instead of family.  May we all find the shepherds and angels watching over us, guiding our footsteps.  

Wherever we find ourselves on Christmas Day, may we find ourselves within the miracle of God’s unconditional love that knows no bounds and lives most especially on the edges, in the raw places, in the places most often overlooked.  When we see our baby Jesus in the manger – I have at least one creche in every room in my house – may we remember that God, in Jesus, came to us in mortal form, took on flesh to live amongst us.  Father Richard Rohr notes that God with us, incarnate, first happened in Genesis when the Christ, the Word, became light and so was the first incarnation of God in the creative act of bringing forth life.  Jesus is “coming out of that light” into our particular form of humanity – born of a woman.

I share with you a profound insight: ‘God needed women for survival. Before Jesus fed us with the bread and the wine, the body and the blood, Jesus himself needed to be fed, by a woman. He needed a woman to say: “This is my body, given for you.” ‘—Rachel Held Evans.  

We bless one another when we recognize that everything is Holy and that each one of us bears the image of God and carries within our very DNA the Holy, the Sacred, the possibility of generative Love in each act of kindness, of compassion, of justice-seeking.

May your minds be at peace and your hearts filled with the love of God and may you look forward to what God will invite you into in this moment, this day, this life. Amen.

If you wish to worship in-person on Christmas Day – Both St James United and Grace Anglican in Waterdown has service at 10am

Many Blessings, Rev Allison